Sketch Comedy with Kevin yee and Guests

Posture - with Kevin Yee and Steven Goldsmith

Sketch comedy shortness

Los Angeles - with Carlie Mantilla and Kevin Yee

Weather comedy

Lunch - with Kevin Yee and Carlie Mantilla

Gender fluid comedy

Scooter - with Kevin Yee

I love a Bird situation.

Diet - with Kevin Yee and Steven Goldsmith

Predictable. Relatable.

Films with Alex Hawthorn

Alex and I went to Flutter Experience in Los Angeles as my birthday celebration. It's an awesome space where one is encouraged to interact with individual rooms designed by artists. Participate in a digital manner or an analog manner. I certainly indulged in a hefty portion of both. Go check out Flutter Experience.

This is my first collaboration with composer/sound artist/boyfriend/partner Alex Hawthorn. Stay tuned for more.