I was part of the original company that brought the hit West End production to Broadway.


The Kiddos

Matilda was the first show I’ve been a part of involving lots of small children, and I’m not going to lie, I was worried. I didn’t know if they’d like me or if I’d like them or if I’d even like working with children. Turns out, I loved them. Getting to know the kids in Matilda and watch them perform and grow was incredible. Matilda the show was hard, and the kids carried most of it. I was inspired and invigorated by the energy and focus of those children.

The Show

Matilda was a big change in tone for my career. This dark comedy required a lot of large choices as actors, something I’m not necessarily used to. It pushed me to the edges of my personality as much as to the edges of my energy levels. My favorite character I got to play was The Cook, who brings out the cake for Bruce. My favorite dance number was Loud where I got to where a super fun fringe dress and dance faster than I’ve ever danced in my entire laugh. So, to the right, you’ll see The Cook in my favorite dance outfit with partner John Arthur Greene. Matilda let me embrace my love of ridiculousness.



The UnderstudyIng of Mrs. Wormwood

What a distinct pleasure it was to understudy the magnificent Lesli Margherita, who originated Mrs. Wormwood on Broadway. Lesli was rarely out of the show, but when she was I knew what big shoes I had to fill. Watching Lesli tear it up on that stage pushed me to be louder and bigger and brasher than ever before. It wasn’t until embracing the role of Mrs. Wormwood that I realized how much of a character actress I actually am. This role was so much fun to understudy, but there has never been another song harder to sing AND dance than as Mrs. Wormwood with Loud.