As a replacement in this hit I encountered almost all the Broadway rites of passage.



Memphis was a complete and utter joy when it came along and it continued to be a joy for the two years I was in it. I had just made my Broadway debut in Wicked a couple months before joining Memphis, so Memphis actually felt more like the climactic debut I had dreamed of. I joined just before it was time for Tony consideration and I got to ride the exciting wave of being nominated, performing and then winning the Tony for Best Musical in 2010.



Spending two years in this show really made Broadway feel like home. As an understudy for Gladys, Huey’s mother (they made me his sister the ONE time it happened) I got to play opposite Adam Pascal, who I’d all but idolized in my teen years when Rent was huge. I performed on the Tony Awards twice with Memphis which was virtually unheard of. Memphis was where the Broadway dream became a full reality, which began to free my mind up to dream some more. Memphis will always live in me.