My second time originating a broadway show happened to be quite similar to the first…short lived, but informative.


Scandalous was my first truly unknown of a job. It was an original show not based on a movie, a book, or a musician’s cannon, about a woman I’d never heard of.

Couple that with Hurricane Sandy being smack dab in the middle of previews, and you have a recipe for a short run. That being said, I still had a lot of fun and learned a ton more about making theater.


This being my second original Broadway show, my eyes were a little more open during the entire process, taking in more of rehearsals and how creative teams work together, watching Carolee Carmello be a leader as well as being the lead. Everyday was like a masterclass in professionalism and theatrical creation.

Scandalous was in a more “classic” realm of Broadway where I don’t always get to play, so I really enjoyed this experience. The choreographer, Lorin Latarro being a Juilliard Dance grad herself, knew my training and capabilities and put them to very hard and fine use. She challenged my brain and technique which was wonderfully rewarding.